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In 2006 members of the Campaign for Real Ale in the Tendring Peninsula voted to form their own branch. This meant that the area of North East Essex bounded roughly by the area East of the line from Brightlingsea to Manningtree - extending out to Clacton and Harwich would be a new branch of CAMRA separate from the Colchester & North East Essex Branch.

This seemingly unimportant event was, in fact, important to Tendring CAMRA members since they could now campaign more effectively at a local level - one of the guiding principles of our organisation.

So - if you think that Real Ale and Pubs are an important part of British life and in need of promotion, protection and celebration you might find this site right up your alley. Even if you find yourself annoyed, bored or even (heaven forbid) in disagreement with us we hope you'll find snippets or things here to amuse, provoke or otherwise pass the time.

This site is very much a work in progress so please keep checking back!

Harwich & Dovercourt Bay Winter Ale Festival

Harwich & Dovercourt Bay Winter Ale Festival!

With December fast approaching there is much happening to prepare for another Harwich & Dovercourt Bay Winter Ale Festival.

Our dedicated team of organisers have spent months sampling beer on your behalf to make sure our beer list has something for everyone - including our usual guarantee that we'll have something you've never sampled before.

For newcomers to the real ale scene we offer an eclectic selection backed up by knowledgeable staff who, because you're at a quieter more specialised festival, can spend time guiding you through the exciting landscape that is British real ale in 2014.

There will definitely be lots of lovely dark beer, some delicious seasonal brews but also some lovely light palate cleansers.

Keep checking for latest details here.

Invite your friends on Facebook to join the event.

Harwich Pub Trail

Historic Harwich Pub Trail

Tendring CAMRA are pleased to have helped the Harwich Society launch a pub trail.

Click on the image on the left to visit the trail's website and find out more about Harwich pubs, both ancient and modern (or perhaps that should be "ancient and ancient-and-still-open").