Tendring CAMRA - RambAle 13 - Wrabness to White Hart, Weeley Heath

The route

For our walk on Saturday 21st September 2019 we plan to meet at Wrabness Community Café at about 12:15, and set off walking at about 12:45, when the train from Harwich arrives (those from Harwich wishing to visit the shop or café may want to arrive on the previous train). They have kindly agreed to open the bar for us from noon until we leave.

The route mainly heads roughly south on footpaths until reaching Weeley, after which it is pavements until we reach the White Hart.

Walking boots are recommended, and it might be wise to bring your own lunch to eat between pubs (the community shop may have some items available.

When testing this route in warm weather, a bottle of water provided much needed refreshment about halfway through the 4.7 mile section after reaching the top of a hill, so is also advised.

Note: for small groups walking, less then six in size, the Bicycle in Tendring (shown on the map above) is about 500m off the route, but are so busy doing food on a Saturday they haven't the space for larger groups of walkers only calling in for a drink. It would be possible to book a table to eat if you fancied doing so part way through this walk. This would split the walk from Wix to Weeley into 5.9km (90 minutes) to the Bicycle, then 2.7km (45 minutes) to the Black Boy. Allow extra time for a dining stop. Either way, if planning on visiting them on a Saturday afternoon check with them ahead of time.

Estimated timings

Based on previous RambAles estimates are based on 4km per hour, with a half hour stop per pub.

We leave Wrabness at 12:45 and walk 4.1km/2.5 miles to the Waggon in Wix, which should take about 1 hour.

Staying at the Waggon from 13:45-14:15 we then have a 7.9km/4.9 miles walk to the Black Boy, Weeley, which should take about 2 hours.

After the Black Boy (16:15-16:45) we have about 1.8km/1.1 miles to go to the White Hart, Weeley Heath which should take us about half an hour meaning we should get there about 17:15.

Approximate distances:

  • Wrabness Community Café to Waggon, Wix 4.1km 2.5mi
  • Waggon, Wix to Black Boy, Weeley 7.9km 4.9mi
  • Black Boy, Weeley to White Hart, Weeley Heath 1.8km 1.1 mi

Getting to Wrabness

It is probably best to get to Wrabness by train. Confirm actual times nearer the date, but at time of writing leaving Clacton on the 11:05 train reaches Wrabness at 12:10, and the train that leaves Harwich Town at 28 minutes past the hour reaches Wrabness at 39 minutes past the hour.

Getting home from the White Hart

To get back to Clacton the 97 and X76 at the time of writing provide regular options to get the bus back into town.

To get back to Harwich either take the 97 to Plough Corner, or walk (allow about 20 minutes leaving about 18:10) to get the last number 3 back to Harwich. Missing that may meaning taking the bus into Clacton and taking the train, changing at Colchester North and Manningtree.

Use the Traveline SE website to work out available routes.

Route documents

Booklet printable (2 pages per side, double sided print)

Standard PDF (1 page per sheet)