Tendring CAMRA - Campaigns & Events

Our branch currently organises two beer festivals and a number of other events to promote and publicise real ale and pubs in Tendring:

The Clacton-on-Sea Real Ale and Cider Festival
A real campaigning festival, Clacton-on-Sea isn't the biggest but it is certainly perfectly-formed. At the end of August, traditionally coinciding with the Clacton Airshow, the event showcases great real ale in this busy seaside town.

Harwich & Dovercourt Bay Winter Ale Festival
An established Winter Ale festival championing dark and seasonal brews this festival has gone from strength-to-strength since it started in 2002. Known for a couple of years as Harwich & Parkeston Winter Ale Festival.

Harwich Sausage Festival
Unsurprisingly real ale and cider feature heavily in this event too but basically it showcases our fantastic local gourmet sausages and our excellent Harwich real ale pubs. A sausage throwing competition followed by a sausage tasting competition combine to make this a superb November day out.

Other Events

In addition to our regular events the branch organises and supports other activities throughout the year.

As an ongoing campaigning effort we aim to get people visiting our rural pubs, a campaign we call 'RurAle'.

Every 18th October we celebrate Cravat Day by dressing up a little bit smarter to go down the pub and enjoy an evening out. We're doing it to support our pubs and draw attention to pub closures and the resultant impact on communities.

Just to try and confuse you Community Pubs Month has moved around quite a bit over the years but whenever it is (and also when it isn't) you'll find us in pubs around the area supporting or helping to organise a variety of fun events, such as the Morris Traveller and our Community Pub Passport scheme.

We also organise RambAle events around the district combining a walk to enjoy our fantastic countryside and coastline with some pub stops to refuel.

Campaign Medals

This is the shelf where we keep old beer festival material and other bits of information from past events.

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