Tendring CAMRA - RambAle 2 - Harwich to Maybush Inn, Great Oakley

Some history

During our first RambAle in Community Pubs Month April 2012 it was suggested one be organised for Cider month in October 2012 visiting real cider pubs. This became route 2 ("Cider with rosy cheeks"). At that time a couple of the Harwich pubs didn't open all day Saturday, so we started in Harwich although our original plan had been to finish there.

In 2012 Pam Rivers was the Tendring CAMRA Cider Representative, and her husband Tony was the Tendring CAMRA Membership Secretary. Those who knew them will know that sadly they are no longer with us, and are still very much missed.

In 2018 we re-did this walk on Saturday 20th October in their memory, this time finishing at Harwich, with any sponsorship raised going to Tony or Pam's Timeless Tribute funds.

The route

This original route starts in Harwich then takes us via the Essex Way to Little Oakley and via other footpaths to Great Oakley.

Estimated timings

Based on previous RambAle's estimates are based on 4km per hour rounded to the next 15 minute interval, with a half hour stop per pub. Exceptions are made for very short distances.

Route 4 is 7.2 miles, so will take about 5 hours to reach the Maybush allowing for 4 stops in Harwich (three after setting off). Leaving at 12:30 assume we'll get to the Victory at about 17:30.

Approximate distances:

  • Hanover, Harwich to Alma, Harwich: 320m / 0.2 miles
  • Alma, Harwich to Globe, Harwich: 100m / 0.1 miles
  • Globe, Harwich to New Bell, Harwich: 170m / 0.1 miles
  • New Bell, Harwich to Olde Cherry Tree, Little Oakley: 7.9km / 4.9 miles
  • Olde Cherry Tree, Little Oakley to Maybush, Great Oakley: 3.1km / 1.9miles

Getting to Great Oakley

From Clacton only the number 3 now goes to Harwich, via Great Oakley. From Harwich as well as the 3 the 104 to Colchester might get to Great Oakley at a more suitable time. You want to get off by the war memorial.

Route documents

Standard PDF (1 page per sheet)