Tendring CAMRA - RambAle 20 - The Three Ships (Kirby, Holland, Great Clacton)

The route

Walking boots with ankle support are strongly recommended for the section of walk from Kirby-le-Soken until the sea wall.

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Estimated timings

As usual timings are based on 4km/hour walking with half an hour stop at each pub.

Based on bus times for 17th September the 98 service seems to leave Pier Avenue, Clacton at 3 minutes before the hour, so take the 10:57 bus from stand C to get to Halstead Villas stop at 11:20 and be in the pub by 11:30, aiming to start walking at noon.

Leave the Ship at 12:00, for a 4.1km walk to the Ship, which will take just over an hour, so estimate arrival by 13:15

Leave the Ship at 13:45 for the next leg. We pass a public toilet block at about the 5km mark (about 15:00).

In terms of optional stops, the Oakwood is usually busy with diners but if walker numbers are low there should be room to stand near the bar, arriving at about 15:30

In numbers are higher though the bar of the Roaring Donkey is probably a better option arriving 15:45 (or half an hour later if you decide to do both optional stops)

Assuming one optional stop we should then reach the Ship at 16:45

Approximate distances:

  • Ship (Kirby) to Ship (Holland): 4.1km / 2.5mi
  • Ship (Holland) to Oakwood: 5.7km / 3.5mi
  • Oakwood to Roaring Donkey: 0.9km / 0.6mi
  • Roaring Donkey to Ship (Great Clacton): 1.8km / 1.1mi
  • Totals: 12.6km (due to rounding this doesn't match the individual distances mentioned above) / 7.8mi

Getting to Kirby-le-Soken

Estimated times are based on using the number 98 bus from Clacton. For those starting at Harwich this journey planner suggests four trains and a walk from Kirby Cross, but the other option is the number 3 bus (09:42 from Harwich Town station) into Clacton and join the 98.

Hedingham's timetable for the 98 is currently available here

Hedingham's timetable for the 3 is currently available here

Route documents

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Historic information

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