Tendring CAMRA - RambAle 4 - White Hart, Weeley Heath to Railway Tavern, Brightlingsea

The route

The route begins at the White Hart in Weeley Heath, and mainly takes footpaths through Aingers Green, Great Bentley and Thorrington before heading into Brightlingsea.

Estimated timings

Based on previous RambAle's estimates are based on 4km per hour rounded to the next 15 minute interval, with a half hour stop per pub.

Route 4 is 7.6 miles from the White Hart to the Railway Tavern, so will take about 4.75 hours to reach the Railway Tavern. Leaving at 12:30 assume we'll get to the White Hart at about 17:15.

NB: When this page was last revised the Royal Fusilier was still closed, though rumours are that it may re-open, so if you can't stop there that might save half an hour.

Approximate distances:

  • White Hart, Weeley Heath to Royal Fusilier, Aingers Green - 2.7mi (4.3km)
  • Royal Fusilier, Aingers Green to Plough, Great Bentley - 1.1mi (1.7km)
  • Plough, Great Bentley to Red Lion, Thorrington - 1.6mi (2.6km)
  • Red Lion, Thorrington to Railway Tavern, Brightlingsea - 2.3mi (3.7km)

Route documents

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