Tendring CAMRA - RambAle 6 - Wrabness Community Café to Harwich

The route

The route begins at the Wrabness Community Café, picks up the Essex Way as far as the Castle at Ramsey, then takes Ray Lane into Parkeston, the Hangings into Dovercourt, then the Main Road into Harwich.

Estimated timings

Based on previous RambAle's estimates are based on 4km per hour rounded to the next 15 minute interval, with a half hour stop per pub.

Route 6 is 7.4 miles from Wrabness to Harwich, so will take about 4.5 hours to reach Harwich. Leaving at 12:30 assume we'll get to Harwich at about 17:00.

Approximate distances:

  • Wrabness Community Café to Castle, Ramsey - 2.8mi (4.5km)
  • Castle, Ramsey to Captain Fryatt, Parkeston - 2.4mi (3.8km)
  • Captain Fryatt, Parkeston to King's Arms, Dovercourt - 1.6mi (2.5km)
  • King's Arms, Dovercourt to Harwich - 0.6mi (1.0km)

Route documents

Standard PDF (1 page per sheet)