Tendring CAMRA - RambAle 9 - Wrabness to Manningtree

The route

This walk begins at the community café next to the station in Wrabness, and joins the Essex Way near Wrabness church, following it most of the way to Manningtree (though cutting a corner at the end).

For our walk on 16th September 2017 we plan to meet at Wrabness Community Café at about 12:15, and set off walking at about 12:45, when the train from Harwich arrives (those from Harwich wishing to visit the shop or café may want to arrive on the previous train).

The walk passes All Saints Church in Wrabness, with its famous bell cage in the churchyard, before taking the Essex Way along a green lane with trees and hedges either side until we reach the coast and walk for a short distance along the sea wall.

From the sea wall we continue to follow the Essex Way through Wrabness Nature Reserve and then follow the coast before turning inland to get under the railway line and across fields to Bradfield.

After visiting two pubs in Bradfield we continue along Mill Lane and across more fields. The route will take us through the Furze Hill woodlands; if you've not seen the famous old oak Old Knobbley that is worth a slight diversion.

When the Essex Way turns sharp right this is our chance to cut a corner and go straight on. The footpath comes out on The Park in Mistley which itself comes out on the main road next to the former police station.

After crossing over take Oxford Road to the end, then turn left into York Street which leads to the Red Lion on South Street. As a point of interest after you cross the railway bridge on Oxford Road the left side of the road is in Manningtree and the right hand side is in Mistley.

Time permitting, there are optional stops of the Crown and Skinner's Arms in Manningtree which walkers may like to visit.

After the Red Lion, for those taking the train home the plan is to walk to Manningtree Station which is just under a mile. This also passes Skinner's Arms if time permits a stop.

At the station the buffet may be open for a last pint before catching the train, though wasn't when we tested the walk earlier in 2017 - there was a note on the door.

Estimated timings

Based on previous RambAle's estimates are based on 4km per hour rounded to the next 15 minute interval, with a half hour stop per pub.

We start with the longest section of the walk, Wrabness to Bradfield which should take about 75 minutes. Leaving at 12:45 we should get to the Strangers Home at 14:00.

After the Strangers Home we have the shortest section of the walk which will probably take 20 minutes, so allowing half an hour we should reach the Village Maid at 15:00 (leaving the Strangers Home at 14:30).

From the Village Maid, leaving at 15:30, we have a walk which is slightly shorter than the first section, so about another 75 minutes, getting us to the Red Lion at about 16:45.

Leaving the Red Lion at 17:15 and walking to the station should take less than half an hour, getting us there by 17:45. Allow whatever extra time you want for any of the optional stops on the way.

Approximate distances including optional stops(metric only):

  • Wrabness Community Café to Strangers Home, Bradfield - 4.9km
  • Strangers Home, Bradfield to Village Maid, Bradfield - 700m
  • Village Maid, Bradfield to Red Lion, Manningtree - 4.7km
  • Red Lion, Manningtree to Manningtree Station - 1.5km

Getting to Wrabness

On 16th September 2017 we hope to have sufficient interest to provide transport from Clacton; from Harwich the train is probably the simplest option. If you're interested get in touch, but even if you're making your own way there please let us know so we know to look out for you.

If you want to do this walk on another occasion, the 103 bus from Harwich to Colchester passes nearest to Wrabness, though includes a ten to fifteen minute walk uphill from the bus stop to the railway station, so by train is still probably the best solution.

Route documents

Booklet printable (2 pages per side, double sided print)

Standard PDF (1 page per sheet)